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Meet Michele Rosenthal

Michele Rosenthal is a Trauma Recovery Specialist, award-winning trauma and PTSD blogger, award-nominated author of multiple trauma/PTSD recovery books (including Your Life After Trauma and Heal Your PTSD), popular keynote speaker and workshop/seminar leader. In addition, Michele is a Certified Professional Coach, Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Board Certified Hypnotist with a specialty in Trauma and PTSD.

For many years Michele hosted a radio program and podcast series dedicated to interviewing the top experts in the fields of trauma, psychology, neurobiology and recovery. A trauma and PTSD survivor herself, Michele struggled with PTSD for almost 30 years. She affectionately calls her recovery process a “healing rampage.” It worked: Michele achieved 100% recovery. 

Almost fifteen years later she remains symptom-free and dedicates her career to creating customized concierge trauma recovery programs for high-achieving mid-life professionals who want to feel free of the past without overwhelm, wasted time, or endless hours of talk.

Frequently seen in the media in such places as CBS, NBC, The Palm Beach Post, Orlando Sentinel, The Washington Post, Newsday, Psychology Today, Ladies Home Journal and The Dennis Miller Show, Michele is also the founder of Holistic Health Connections, a membership-based organization for the holistic health community. Learn more at MyTraumaCoach.com.


Meet Heather Deranja

Heather is a registered dietitian nutritionist, cognitive behavior specialist, personal trainer and healer. Heather’s mission is to raise the collective consciousness by helping individuals break emotional patterns, stop self-sabotage and develop conscious behaviors for a healthy lifestyle. She challenges the traditional ways we think about health by offering a holistic approach, and by showing us what’s possible when we let go of our limitations. Heather’s popular program, “Retrain Your Brain” is a groundbreaking effort in the movement to take the collective from surviving to thriving.


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