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Meet Lois Wagner

Lois Wagner: Your friend for forgiveness and freedom. Helping you move from victim to survivor to thriver and beyond to freedom, after facing a life or business challenge or adversity. 

Lois lost a business and went bankrupt, she was attacked, raped, and left for dead, she was forced into retirement, and experienced many other challenges. Her work is based on these personal major adversities and life experiences. Lois learned to forgive (she forgave the rapist and the business partner who betrayed her) and to move on to a more rewarding and fulfilling life)

Lois guides you to build your resilience and grit, to develop a growth mindset, to energise your mojo, and learn to forgive. This is achieved via one-on-one coaching, group masterminds, and keynote presentations.

Lois’s book – Walking Without Skin: A Journey of Healing – From Fear to Forgiveness to Freedom is part memoir and part self-help guide and she has a TEDx talk From Fear to Forgiveness to Freedom.

She has developed a programme for boys and men (and girls and women) – B.R.A.V.E. designed to fight toxic masculinity and eradicate gender-based and domestic violence.

Come and SMILE with Lois

She is an accomplished:
S  – Speaker and Storyteller (author)
M – Mentor
I  – Inspirer
L  – Learning Facilitator - individual and group interactions and immersion workshops
E  – Empowering Coach and Consultant (Certified Conversational Intelligence® C-IQ Coach)

Lois is a South African businesswoman with extensive local and international speaking, human resource, training, business management, project management, marketing, consulting, and leadership coaching experience.

Fly Free with Lois – Your Friend for Forgiveness



Meet Cynthia Harrison

The Evocateur of soul, who Midwifes The Moments - Birthing New Realities!

Cynthia is a Mystic Medicine Woman, Author, Social Scientist, Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, and Ascension specialist. 

With degrees in socio-cultural and medical anthropology, social work, and visual arts, Cynthia’s specialty is the human condition and behaviour: She focuses on the evolution of the human, Creative rEvolution utilising Energy (biofield medicine) and the Healing Arts for deep Transformation.

Awakening You to Re-Membering The Self Through Navigating Dimensions. Physically, Spiritually and Energetically – offering a complete mind, body, spirit experience.  


The Sacred Heart Technique to merge the heart-Mind.

Accessing The Internal Channel is a technique to locate and activate the fundamental control of consciousness located within the brain.  

You can work the Internal Channel in a few ways, and Cynthia will demonstrate, showing you how this process literally illuminates your BioField.

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Free Forgiveness eChecklist

A checklist to support your journey to freedom

If you are battling to let go of past pain and hurt and holding on to negative emotions,
If you are holding grudges and feelings of hatred and anger,
Then maybe it is time to forgive.
Yes – you can forgive the unforgiveable


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Meet Kathryn Alice

Kathryn Alice was a single mom for 10 years before meeting her soulmate Jon. She’s a late bloomer who then had two more children in her forties. Kathryn is considered one of the U.S.’s foremost experts on soulmates & dating. Author of the bestseller Love Will Find You, she teaches around the world and is responsible for thousands of people recovering from heartbreak and finding the love of their lives. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, USA Today, Daily Mail, New York Times, Parade, NBC, CNN and many other media. Kathryn has been married to her own soulmate, Jon, for 19 years and they have four boys. To find out more about Kathryn's work, visit her website kathrynalice.com