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Meet Johanna Lynn

Johanna is the founder of The Family Imprint Institute with an international private practice.   Science tells us that our biography becomes our biology.

Your family lives on within you – think of it as your emotional inheritance – and these imprints continue to influence you. 

Johanna provides solutions for the emotional patterns we all inherit from our families. 


Meet Katrine Horn

As a former professional people pleaser, Katrine took a long time to realize that no amount of adoring fans, no amount of raving reviews, could make her feel worthy and loved as long as she derived her sense of value through what she did rather than through who she was. She now helps women access their beauty, femininity and self-worth by letting go of perfectionism to embrace authentic living, allowing themselves to make their dreams & desires into plans. 


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Meet Kathryn Alice

Kathryn Alice was a single mom for 10 years before meeting her soulmate Jon. She’s a late bloomer who then had two more children in her forties. Kathryn is considered one of the U.S.’s foremost experts on soulmates & dating. Author of the bestseller Love Will Find You, she teaches around the world and is responsible for thousands of people recovering from heartbreak and finding the love of their lives. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, USA Today, Daily Mail, New York Times, Parade, NBC, CNN and many other media. Kathryn has been married to her own soulmate, Jon, for 19 years and they have four boys. To find out more about Kathryn's work, visit her website