Allana Pratt

Intimacy Expert

Marnie Nir

Expert Coach - Handel Group

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Meet Allana Pratt

Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt is a global media personality and go-to authority for those who have suffered heartbreak and are ready to live unapologetically, and attract an open-hearted, ideal relationship. Her vulnerability and courage landed her a featured weekly column on the GoodMenProject, featured as an Icon of Influence, and as Guest Expert on Huffington Post, People Magazine, Forbes, CBS & FOX and The Jenny McCarthy Show. This Ivy League grad is the Author of 6 books, has interviewed Whoopi Goldberg and Alanis Morissette, and Hosts the edgy Podcast “Intimate Conversations” where listeners learn how to find the relationship they deserve. A certified coach with close to 5 million viewers on YouTube, Allana was asked by Leeza Gibbons to coach her during Dancing with the Stars. While supporting a number of non-profits, Allana offers private and group coaching plus retreats so that her clients have a thriving intimate relationship with themselves first, which naturally attracts and enhances their ideal partnerships. 


Meet Marnie Nir

Marnie Nir, Expert Coach: A talented creative, Marnie splits her time as an HG Coach, Chief Content Officer, and on her own creative projects - she’s writing a play! Marnie specializes in love and family coaching, and she brings hilarity and courageous commitment to her work.


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