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Meet Freyja Inanna

Born into a polygamist community, Freyja spent her life entrenched in a deeply patriarchal society. She excelled as an RN, midwife, natural healer and mother of 12 (now 13), serving both within and outside of her religious community. Reclaiming her divine power seven years ago, she drew in her perfect partner, Mika Inanna, Reiki Master/Engineer. 

Together they have created a sacred partnership, shedding the restrictions imposed by society and religion, and stepping into their true passion and highest calling: Guiding others on the path of healing, self-reverence and freedom. For those who are ready for more, they offer intensive healing retreat programs in North America and Costa Rica, as well as interactive online programs, where they create deep healing and powerful transformation on the mental/emotional/energetic/body-levels simultaneously.


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Meet Mike Goldstein

Mike Goldstein is a 1-on-1 Online Dating Expert, founder of EZ Dating Coach,  and he helps men and women make dating and relationships EZ.  He has been featured on the Today Show, The Star Ledger, Reader's Digest, and Shape Magazine.  83% of Mike's clients enter relationships which is the highest success rate in the country.  He accomplishes this by using data from multiple major online dating sites to ensure his clients typically only need to meet 6-8 people to find someone they like.  Mike's clients usually get into a relationship with in 3-4 months of working with him and then in month 5-6 they learn how to understand men, set sexy boundaries, and fight fair when arguing with their partner.


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