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Healing Through Seduction

Gladys Diaz & Michelle Roza

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Meet Perle Noire

International burlesque sensation. A paragon of glitz and glamour.  Josephine Baker aficionado. Those are the phrases most people think about when they discover Perle Noire. Perle, or Mama Perle as she is known to the burlesque community, has a unique gift. The gift of healing. When she first started her burlesque career, she never expected people to email her or come up to her after shows and disclose intense personal stories. Something about the intensity of Perle’s performances; the pure emotionality that she manages to put into the smallest flip of her hair, a flick of her wrist, makes people weep. It may sound corny, but art does have the power to heal and burlesque is an art.  As Perle’s reputation as a healer grew, she created a class and taught at burlesque schools worldwide. Aptly titled, “Healing Through Seduction”, the premise is simple: how will you seduce anyone if you don’t see the seductive energy in yourself?  Discussions of women’s empowerment have been central to the culture especially in the last few years. Hashtags like, #metoo and #believewomen have allowed women to come together in solidarity, which is a huge part of healing. Perle’s message mirrors those trending topics. Perle is an advocate for women and provides a safe space for women to reclaim their bodies and reclaim control over their sexuality. Perle’s workshops and the process is for all feminine people whether they need to help themselves rediscover their sexual energy and power after a trauma or simply want to have more confidence. Perle wants to help take their feminine energy and use it as a cloak of self-love. SELF LOVE. ACTIVATE! The POWER IS YOURS!


Meet The Love Twins

Gladys Diaz and Michelle Roza, a.k.a. The Love Twins, are certified transformational dating and relationship coaches and co-founders of Heart’s Desire International.  

Their unique and introspective approach to attracting love and creating intimacy in relationships, helps women learn the skills to attract and meet the man of their dreams AND reignite the love, passion, and romance in relationships that were once believed to be over. 

 They help women remove the fears and barriers that have blocked them from having loving, fulfilling relationships so that can effortlessly create the loving, lifelong relationships and the lives their hearts desire with power, grace, and ease!


Irresistible Woman System:

In This Interactive Training Series, You Will Learn:

* The skills and character traits that work well in business but destroy love and intimacy in romantic relationships.

* How to transition from being an Unstoppable Business Powerhouse to Being a Simply Irresistible Woman to the man in your life

* Simple practices you can easily implement into your daily life to stop self-sabotaging your happiness and start experiencing more success in your love life


* The Simply Successful and Irresistible Woman” Training and the MP3 recording of the teleclass. ($200 Value)

* E-book contrasting the skills and ways of BEing that work at work but DO NOT lead to having success in love and relationships against those that have you tap into and unleash your Irresistible Essence! ($20 Value)

* 30-minute Love Breakthrough Session with Gladys or Michelle ($300 Value)

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