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Meet Collette Gee

Collette Gee is the CEO and Founder of Finding Happily ™. Finding Happily™ offers relationship enhancement trainings that help individuals and organizations succeed in any relationship; be it a platonic, professional, family or romantic relationship. Today through coaching, workshops, events, and online training, Collette teaches people how to create and sustain healthy meaningful relationships that begin and end with SELF.

As an International Dating & Relationship Expert, a Certified Violence Prevention Specialist, and an Author, Ms. Gee’s mission is simple but profound; to teach people how to love harmoniously and successfully.

Collette lives in Los Angeles, California. However, she travels around the world with her team delivering pragmatic self-care, and relationship enhancement techniques that leave participants with life-long “take away” tools that help them achieve a healthy balance of their work, social and romantic lives.

To connect with Collette or to learn more about her programs and services visit or connect with her on Instagram @findinghappily


Meet Shirley Riga

Shirley Riga is a Licensed Instructor of Dr. Susan Jeffers’ Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway® workshops and classes. She is the author of two books focused on surviving and thriving while living with a loved one’s chronic illness. An advocate for self-care and a teacher of meditation, Riga is a Certified Psychosynthesis Counselor, a Spiritual Director and a Psychic Medium.  Riga came to this work after a lifetime of intense challenges –alcoholic family home, childhood abuse, abusive relationships, chronic illness, and the death of her spouse and her daughter. She had poor self-esteem, immobilizing fear, and no relationship with a higher power.  Finding Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway© was a turning point in her life; with that book and other tools, Riga was able to rebuild herself and gain awareness about compassion, sacredness, honoring diversity and the power of harnessing our minds through intention. Loving herself has opened her life up to more loving relationships. Riga works with clients and groups as a coach and motivational teacher sharing the process of finding empowerment through adversity.


Seven Dynamic Anxiety and Stress Relieving Techniques

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