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Meet Deborah Driggs

From her start as a Playboy Centerfold and Covergirl to her life as a Screen Actors’ Guild member and later, achieving the Top 5% in her industry as a member of the Million Dollar Roundtable, Deborah Driggs has had to clear many hurdles in life. While it may seem like Deborah’s success came easy to her, nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, she has had to overcome a number of challenges in life to get to where she is today. What is true - and a part of her character - is her willingness to take risks, maintain a positive attitude, and never take ‘No’ for an answer.


Meet Tiffany Denny & Kierstyn Franklin

Tiffany and Kierstyn started The Relationship Recovery community and movement in hopes of reaching as many people as possible that are navigating hard things in or out of any relationship.

Tiffany and Kierstyn met each other during a time that was extremely difficult for each of them. They were both amid divorces and found great comfort in the ability to lean on each other for support. However, what they did not find, were the tools and resources they needed to help them heal and get out of the place of feeling “stuck.”

Collectively they have both walked through infidelity,  domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, codependency, lack of healthy boundaries, perfectionism, and everything else in-between that comes with the aftermath of unhealthy, toxic, or traumatic relationships. 

Tiffany and Kierstyn specialize in helping you reconnect and heal yourself through a specific process. This process has helped thousands of people step out of fear, heal the damage that was done, and find confidence and peace again. 

Through their own struggles and years of doing their own healing work, they have found a proven roadmap to help others. 

This process starts with learning and implementing the foundations of healing, then moving into reprocessing the stories, limiting beliefs and traumas that you have endured, and finally, helping you build up your self-worth, self-love and confidence so you can step into the life you desire and deserve.

The Relationship Recovery gives a safe place for people to heal through their social media communities, online pay what you can events, retreats, group coaching, 1:1 coaching and 2:1 coaching programs. 

The Relationship Recovery joins forces with local agencies who provide services to people and then give a portion of their proceeds back to help further the cause. 


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