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Meet Katrine Horn

As a former professional people pleaser, Katrine took a long time to realize that no amount of adoring fans, no amount of raving reviews, could make her feel worthy and loved as long as she derived her sense of value through what she did rather than through who she was. She now helps women access their beauty, femininity and self-worth by letting go of perfectionism to embrace authentic living, allowing themselves to make their dreams & desires into plans. 


Meet Patty Contenta

Patty Contenta is a professional dancer, choreographer, judge, and international traveling dance consultant for the world-renowned Arthur Murray Dance Studios for over 30 years. 

She is the founder of Sensuality Secrets, author of Desirable And Deserving e-book and creator of the Body-Image Breakthrough Program which helps women who are struggling with their body image reconnect with their feminine energy and sensuality through the art of body language and dance.

Patty’s mission is to have women release their resistance with expressing their sensuality by providing techniques that will lead them to be more charismatic, build their self-esteem and exude a natural confidence.


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