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Meet Alexis Pierce

Alexis Pierce is a soul purpose expert with 10+ years of experience helping people clarify and live their purpose. She helps high-achievers -- who feel stuck by their own success -- start making an even bigger impact from a place of joy, ease, and purpose.

A former award-winning strategist in the U.S. government, she's advised U.S. Ambassadors, foreign dignitaries, and members of Congress. Now she combines razor-sharp strategy with deep, holistic spiritual practices to help you live authentically and intentionally.


Meet Gloria Lybecker

Gloria's practice combines body-based coaching and counseling, with relational neuroscience, cellular health, and family constellations with horses. She focuses on the way that our language can bring our relationships back to life.

Her integrative approach connects body sensations, emotions, mind, and spirit together to create powerful new neural connections enabling us to move toward calm, creativity, and wholeness. Her powerful, trauma-informed approach supports the healing that is essential to making sustainable change. Tapping into the power of resonant empathy rewires our brains and nervous systems, restoring self-love and well-being.


4 Soul Awakening Activities to Discover Your Purpose on this Planet. A guide with questions to help you awaken the energy of your purpose. 

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As a special gift, Alexis is so gracious to share with us her original Tender/Bumble profile...

"For me, it was important to highlight a few qualities that mattered to me, especially since they were different from the norm where I lived. The vast majority of men's profiles around my area focused on hunting, drinking, and some version of outdoor sports (4x4, fishing, etc). I also live in an area where people are born and stay forever, so they don't necessarily prioritize career advancement because they want to stay local for family. As a non-drinking business owner whose passion is world-travel, I wanted to put that front and center to sift out anyone who was immediately not a fit or didn't have aligned values. That saved me a ton of potentially bad dates or feeling like I'd never find anyone, because most of the men I met were aligned in some way."


A gift that helps you facilitate resonant language empathy, sacred vow work, and time travel empathy to support growth and healing. 

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