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Meet Heather Deranja

Heather is a registered dietitian nutritionist, medical intuitive, cognitive behavior specialist and healer. Heather’s mission is to raise the collective consciousness by helping individuals break emotional patterns, stop self-sabotage and develop conscious behaviors for a healthy lifestyle. She challenges the traditional ways we think about health by offering a holistic approach, and by showing us what’s possible when we let go of our limitations. Heather’s popular program, “Retrain Your Brain” is a groundbreaking effort in the movement to take the collective from surviving to thriving.


Meet Madeline Charles

Once Madeline Charles cracked the code on attracting the right relationship, she knew she had to share her wisdom with the world. Blending her professional experience as a licensed psychotherapist with intuition, Madeline shares equal parts practical and spiritual guidance, to support women in receiving a secure, healthy partnership.

Most known for helping women uncover their Attraction Blueprint(™), Madeline supports single women release the anxiety associated with finding love. When not coaching, Madeline can be found in the mountains of Colorado, living a vibrant, love-filled life with her partner Shaun.


Intro to Retraining Your Brain Webinar: The roadmap to unlocking higher consciousness and shifting subconscious patterning for lifelong health, happiness and manifestation.

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Sexy, Successful, and Secure In Love Free Masterclass: Discover the 3 keys to attract the right man without lowering your standards or spending hours online, and even if you’re beginning to lose hope he’s out there.

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