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Meet Angela Holton

Angela N. Holton, named by Yahoo! Finance, as one of their Top 10 Relationship Coaches in 2020, is an International Dating & Relationship Expert, Speaker, Trained & Certified Life Coach, Author and Founder of Love Sanctuary, an online spiritual and personal development site centered on helping women create the relationship and love they desire from the inside-out. 

She is the Creator of The Conscious Love & Dating Method, a modern and revolutionary approach toward dating and relationships and the author of The Secret Method To Conscious Love Workbook Journal: Deepen Understanding of Yourself & Improve Your Dating & Relationships. Angela teaches her methodology in her Conscious Dating Method Workshop and dives even deeper into the lessons in her 9-week virtual course, “The Conscious Love & Dating Method: Become The ONE You Want & Attract The Love You Desire”. The Conscious Love & Dating Method is transforming the lives of women from around the world in how they date, attract and maintain love and relationships. 

Angela has appeared on various television segments discussing The Conscious Love & Dating Method, including, the Daily Blast Live national news show, FOX Soul, and Great Day Live Tampa Bay. In 2019, Angela was chosen by BET Her TV to lead a panel discussion on relationships, “Clips & Conversation” for BET's "Being Mary Jane" Television Series Finale with Series Actress and Co-Host, Raven Goodwin. 

She has been featured in the New York Post, Free People, DatingAdvice.Com and DatingNews.com as one of their dating & relationship experts and her writings have appeared on multiple online publications including, Huff Post, Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha and more. She has been a guest speaker on numerous podcasts and radio shows. 

Angela holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master’s of Social Work from New York University. 


Meet Karan Joy Almond

Karan Joy Almond is a life-long seeker of personal truth and awareness.  Her gift and life purpose theme is about the art and value of struggle and sharing with others who invite her to guide and support them as they navigate their own struggle. 

Karan's education and experience is in Conventional and Integrative Medicine and Biological Dentistry, energy work, and emotional counseling for those who struggle with accepting, living, and appreciating the experiences meant to spur personal growth.  Karan is currently an Oral-Systemic Consultant helping clients work through chronic illness with more awareness of how emotional and spiritual imbalances may explain why they are not responding to treatment.  Most symptomatic people arrive seeking education and to be informed about their options for addressing their physical symptoms.  Karan is a magnet for people who are dealing with life struggles.  She knows her purpose because whether she is with family, friends, at work, or standing at the water cooler in the health food store people sense her energy and will begin to share their problems with her.  When Karan can share how she navigated a similar struggle or provide a resource for someone, she is inspired and energized because it gives her confirmation that her own struggle had purpose. 

Karan’s passion is working with clients who are willing and ready to look at their situation from a true body, mind, spirit perspective and truly seeking the root cause of the imbalances that impair form and function of the SELF.  Gaining awareness of the difference between self and no-self is such a gift.  It allows us to be compassionate for our self and for others, aka not-self.  Karan also incorporates remote Bioresonance scans and Human Design mechanics for clients who would like to become more deeply aware of when, where, how, and why these imbalances occur.  Many times, these imbalance start in the energy field and symptoms that feel negative are actually an alert that we need to check in to see where the imbalance is.  Otherwise, these imbalances are cumulative, leading to stress, anxiety, depression, and an array of chaos in interpersonal and professional relationships. Eventually, these issues manifest in the physical body, progressing from dis-ease to disease. 

Currently, Karan is working through the issue of love relationship and that narrative and beliefs also apply to many relationship struggles.  Human design teaches us how to decondition from the deep level of programming that humans are subject to through their 5 senses.  Love programming is a major topic that is not widely discussed.  However, as we move into a new paradigm following this current mutation happening to humanity, it seems that we are all being tasked to learn to trust our own internal voice and learn to love and trust our self in such a ferociously fearless way that we no longer need to seek love through the various things we do in order to feel the love we seek.  It is a bit counter-intuitive, due to love programming, to develop the emotional autonomy to love ourselves as we wish to be loved or love others without expectation of how that love will be reciprocated.  But if we can develop that as a practice, we will no longer have to seek love.  It will find us! 


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