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Katie Sampayo

Katie is the Owner of THRIVE Fitness & Adventure retreats, Founder of THRIVE Coaching- A high level Holistic health and Life Coaching program, Certified Personal Trainer, 200 Hour Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, #1 Bestselling Author of "Eat To Thrive: The Anti-Diet Cookbook", and former T.V. show host of "Eat Right, Live Well " on channel 47 ABC.

Katie has been traveling the world full-time since 2018 living a life filled with adventure, connection, and transformational experiences. Her mission is to powerfully serve and inspire everyone in this world to live a life filled with their own versions of this so they are fully THRIVING!

Katie's Free Gift

30 min coaching call to pinpoint blocks so you can THRIVE on all cylinders 

Meet Stephanie Grosvenor

Stephanie is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach who specializes in digestive health and building a resilient immune system. She is also the host of the Annual Global Summit, ‘The Healthy Living Blueprint – How to prevent, treat and even reverse chronic and autoimmune disease naturally’. 

Through her own 15-year battle against digestive disorders and chronic inflammation, Stephanie was able to learn how to heal her own body through holistic, natural remedies and lifestyle changes. Her many years of experience, international training and expert qualifications now allow her to help other adults do the same. She understands that to be successful you need the right people in your corner to hold you accountable and offer you support and guidance along the way. 

Stephanie is the founder of Unlimited You – Holistic Health Coaching where she provides 1:1 coaching as well as a 6-week full-body healing intensive program to help you get to the root cause of your problems and begin healing from the inside out. She has helped countless men and women overcome digestive distress, improve their mental health, and regain their quality of life. For more information on the services she offers or to book a free discovery call with her, head over to www.unlimitedyoucoaching.NET or find her on Instagram @UnlimitedYouCoaching

Stephanie's Free Gift

Hop on a 20 min 1:1 call with me and I'll share my recipe book full of smoothies designed to improve digestive health & boost detoxification

Meet Michelle Tascoe

Michelle Tascoe is a financial life coach based in Los Angeles. She has appeared on the Dr. Phil Show as well as the Chelsea Handler Show as a guest financial expert.

Her 12 year coaching track record has earned her the privilege of working with noteworthy coaching clients, executives at Victoria’s Secret, Capitol Records, Honest Company, Disney, Warner Brothers, New York Times best selling authors, former Miss New York and a US Senator.

Michelle has helped her clients pay off tens of thousands of dollars in debt, get 5 figure raises, double and triple their money in their bank account, buy their first house, buy their first investment property and ultimately become debt free.

Her approach is hands on and practical. It’s not what you make but what you keep that matters most!

Michelle's Free Gift

Keys To Financial Freedom in 2022

Meet Sydney Richdale

Sydney Richdale is a sex and intimacy coach who helps people create the intimate life they desire! She has a strong drive to help people create deeper connections within themselves and the world around them. It is her mission to support people in experiencing freedom and expansion around their sexuality and pleasure by getting people connected to what they truly desire, and how to find their voice in asking for what they want and need.

She is also a certified reiki practitioner, and loves to connect with people on an energetic level. It is her mission to help people feel the sense of love, connection, and belonging they are looking for in their sexual and intimate relationships. 

Sydney's Free Gift

I want to help you connect deeper intimately with yourself! That’s why I’ve created a free resource sheet to help you! It is designed to help you get connected to what feels good to you and how to bring more connection back into your life.

I’ve also created one for people in relationships to help grow intimacy and connection with your loved one that you can have as a bonus for when you meet that special someone!

Meet Amanda Weil

Amanda Weil, CEO of Style Awakening and a Style Specialist, is the go-to expert in her industry helping women and men be confidently seen and uniquely styled so they can attract the lifestyle they want. Her approach reveals an inner essence that exudes certainty, prosperity, and magnetism which is then recreated through style. The end result being one’s authentic style expression.

Amanda is based in LA and is leading the industry in shifting towards the belief that style is not what's “in” and on trend, but rather what's within, and using style as a way to transform into the best version of yourself.

Amanda's Free Gift

The Color Confidence Quiz plus Style Mindset and Chakra Masterclass. Take this quiz to discover which color will best serve you right now to show up as your most confident self. Plus you'll unlock my acclaimed Style Mindset and Chakra Masterclass to dive deeper into the power of style and color in transforming your reality.

Meet Zina Solomon

Zina Solomon is a Visionary High Performance Strategist, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Actor, and Serial Entrepreneur. She’s passionate about guiding her ambitious clients to achieving RESULTS related to their VISION, VALUES, DREAMS and CALLING. She’s supported her clients in gaining CLARITY on their VISION, PURPOSE and transitioning them from Corporate America to pursue their CALLING and passion for Voice Over and other creative and entrepreneurial pursuits.

She is the co-author of 2 Amazon best-selling books. 

She's masterful at unlocking her client's full potential so that they CRUSH it with their goals, dreams, and heart's desire. 

Zina's Free Gift

Is FEAR stopping YOUR DREAMS? You're NOT alone! Unlock your potential by turning your FEAR into FUEL with these 5 Keys

Meet Adrien Blackwell

Celebrity healer Adrien Blackwell, has been featured on many TV shows around the globe including, E!, NBC NEWS, Travel Channel, and Bio Channel. Adrien has a healing background as a Reiki Master-Teacher, Shamanic Healer, Theta Healer, and Medical Qigong student. That was the catalyst for her to create her own modality Ascended Healing and the recorded healing called Ascension Codes.

Adrien's Free Gift

A free gift pages with downloading healings, interviews, and a message from Adrien. It's a ton of fun and useful information, you can begin to use NOW!

Meet Donna DeLia

Donna is a celebrity make-up artist, body painter, and educator who's known for her bubbly personality and colorful looks. If she's not on set, Donna's teaching a make-up class somewhere. Her online school, Beauty Youniversity, teaches women all over the world how to feel confident in their make-up application and hot AF 24/7

Donna's Free Gift

A Brush With Romance: A Collection of 5 Step by Step Looks To Do When You Want To Woo

Eye make-up looks from day to play, with easy to follow photos, instructions, and the best brushes to use. Perfect for all eye shapes, beginners, and make-up enthusiasts who need inspiration and guidance that makes them want to wink at their reflection. 

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