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Meet Lisa Marie Rankin

Lisa Marie Rankin is an author, teacher, and coach. She makes wisdom from ancient traditions accessible so women can improve their health, relationships, career, and more. Rankin is the author of The Goddess Solution, a practical spiritual guide published by HarperCollins that teaches women how to apply goddess wisdom to modern-day malaise like relationships, money, parenting, divorce, and more.

She also leads an 8-week group coaching program that teaches women how to step into their feminine power so they can live the life they really want. A divorced and single mom, Lisa lives right outside of Boston with her two children and dog. She enjoys hiking, snorkeling, and spending time with mother nature in her free time. Find her at


Meet Kristel David

Kristel David is a life and relationship coach dedicated to helping professional athlete's wives have healthy and thriving relationships with themselves and their partners! She takes a wholistic approach by focusing on the woman being her authentic self and honing in on connection, communication and confidence as she finds these are the core elements that make or break relationships.

Kristel is wife to retired NFL Vet & Super Bowl Champ, Jason David, and mama to 5 girls. She believes that a woman's confidence is a result of living HER life unapologetically and free and is on a mission to empower women to return to HER confidence through PLAY!

Kristel supports her clients in experiencing deep intimacy in their relationships and have fun boldly chasing their dreams while keeping HER man and family first without sacrificing HER sanity and self care. She does this through her social media content, HER PLAYbook Podcast and her signature programs HER PLAYBOOK and Cloud 9 Mastermind!


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