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Meet Stéphanie Rourke Jackson

Stéphanie Rourke Jackson, founder of Beacon Coaching & Leadership is on a mission to help people step into the full potential of their true essence. Using her Identity Mapping Life Plan methodology, she believes that when you cultivate the courage to cut the crap, stop posturing, perfecting and performing to other people's expectations, you will feel free to create a vibrant life you love!

Stéphanie is a mom, wife, coach, facilitator, speaker and author. She enjoys walking on trails, dancing on the beach, listening to self and professional development podcasts, self-proclaimed  connoisseur of beans and grapes (coffee & wine) and delicious chats with her bffs. 


Meet Marnie Nir

Humor, compassion, and candor are the driving forces in Marnie Nir's work as Chief Creative Officer and Expert Coach with Handel Group.  A student of Slavic Language and Literature at UCLA, Marnie graduated with a BA and an understanding of Russian Literature as “purification through suffering”. Years later, after several jobs in publicity and production, most notably for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle live tour (can’t make this stuff up), she began to see that, at least in her own life, suffering was not mandatory.

After marrying and giving birth to her first child, Marnie started coaching with her sister, Lauren 
Zander, creating the dream of who she wanted to be as not-her-mother. However, her work with Lauren took everything in her life to a much deeper level. More than a decade later, she is now an empty nester of two, co-author with Lauren Zander of Maybe It’s You, Chief Creative Officer and an Expert Coach in The Handel Method. She has also continued her creative work, namely as co-creator of the animated series Mother Up!, which aired 13 episodes on Hulu and starred Eva Longoria, serving as an expert at Campowerment, blogging for the Huffington Post, as well as writing her own blog (The Sour MILF).

As with every area of her life, Marnie’s coaching is characterized by joyful honesty. She brings 
lightness and levity to her work. “I have zero problem telling on myself. I use my jerk to help others see their own.” Consequently, she is continually inspired by the difference that telling the truth offers to her clients. For Marnie, it’s about building the muscle of Personal Integrity, where what comes out of your mouth is what shall be. “In this way, you can really go from ‘I will go to the gym,’ to ‘I will win an Emmy. And not just say it, but believe it, and cause it.”  

Having been married for more than 25 years, Marnie particularly enjoys working with wives, 
mothers, and singles, because she is well-acquainted with the challenges they face and speaks b*#ch, martyr, and chicken fluently. She lives in Pound Ridge, NY with her husband and Facetimes often with her two children. She even likes them.


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Meet Maryse Cardin

Maryse Cardin is a best selling author, coach, speaker, and university communication teacher. Her intention is to inspire positive, and loving self talk with her books and talks.

Maryse is the author of Speaking to Yourself with Love, Transform Your Self Talk, and Self Talk Love for Sensitives, Ease Anxiety and Awaken to the Gifts of Being a Highly Sensitive Woman. 


Meet Karena Virginia

Karena is the talent in the highly acclaimed yoga video, The Power of Kundalini Yoga, and the author of Essential Kundalini Yoga. Karena is also the voice on the IOS APP called Relax and Attract with Karena.

Karena is a member of Oprah Winfrey’s Belief Team, and she is a pioneer in the metoo movement who has discovered that the meaning of healing humanity starts with speaking truth and choosing love. She is passionate about helping others find their voices and heal.

Her clients are often professionals and celebrities who find Karena’s style accessible and enjoyable.

Karena is married with two children, and she lives in the suburbs of New York City.


Meet Beverly Perryman

Sexologist, Sex Expert, or Relationship Expert, HEALER. I am Beverly Perryman, aka SpiceislandQueen. I also design Lingerie and Swimwear, I love to bring out the best in women.  I am described as Bold, Interesting, Bright, Fun loving, Articulate. I describe me as multi faceted,  respectful to everyone, loyal to those I love.

To look at me one would see a quiet and introspective demeanor, yet on occasion I can be quite exuberant.  I am confident, yet approachable and down to earth.  My philosophy is to live well, always put God first, then Family, Love, and Laugh often, Life is short so Relish It! Love My Life,  Helping women come into their Sensuality, and building Relationships is my Passion.

As a Sexuality Expert, my mission is to provide a Shame Free, Adult Sex Education/Coaching environment. What I am is: committed to having you discover and create the sex life you want through guided questions, suggestions and exercises. As your Sexuality Expert I am committed to your Total confidentially. 

I’m  a Healer, I have acquired the  Expertise  in Adult Sexuality through education, and case studies to help you ReKindle your Relationship.  I am proficient in Infidelity Crisis, and  assisting  in developing an action plan. 


Calming an overwhelmed system so that we can feel in love with ourselves and with others.

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