Gabriella Taylor


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Meet Gabriella Taylor

Gabriella Taylor, MA is a relationship specialist, ordained minister and the founder of 'Extraordinary Love', offering transformational educational programs for women combining modern psychology, neuroscience and ancient spiritual principles, to bridge the gap that keeps conscious women separate from the loving relationship they deserve.


Meet Johanna Lynn

Johanna is the founder of the Family Imprint Institute with an international private practice.

Science tells us our biography becomes our biology. Your family lives on within you. Think of it as your emotional inheritance and these imprints continue to influence you. Johanna provides solutions from the emotional patterns we all inherit from our families. 


Shine The Light On What’s Holding You Back From Love: The 6 Surprising Reasons Conscious Women Struggle

No matter how much you’ve already invested in your relationship happiness, if you’re not experiencing the loving relationship that you know deep in your heart you were born for, there’s usually a reason for it.

These reasons aren't what you’ve been taught to’s not because something’s wrong, that you’re too intimidating, that it’s too late or anything is missing…it’s because your subconscious mind is taking cues from the past, causing you to behave, think and feel in ways that don’t match who you are today as an evolved woman.

Once these reasons, these blindspots, are brought to awareness, everything changes. And I’m here to help you see more clearly, so you may open to the love that you already are.

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The intentional practice of being good to ourselves supports us in knowing ourselves better. From this place we can explore new relationships from a centered place to truly know what works for us and what doesn't

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