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Meet Polo REO Tate

From a myriad of life experiences, Polo REO Tate intimately understands the transformational value in mindfully getting to know ourselves wholly and love ourselves unconditionally in order to live fully in the freedom of our own authenticity. An author by soul, actor by trade, artist at heart, and uplifter to the core of her being, this Joyful Warrior redefines what it means to be a Renaissance Woman. Her supreme love for people, and the clarity with which she sees and celebrates the superpowers of those around her, allows her to help elevate the energy of any relationship or situation in which she is present. Whether she is in front of a camera, a crowd, or the company of one, Polo revels in the kinetic web of creativity that is born from every interaction, every co-creation.

Polo has been a United States Air Force Cadet, a comedian having performed all over New York City and Los Angeles, and a passionate public speaker with the mission for all to see, feel and understand their own self worth, empowerment and value.

he lives each moment to the fullest, lets no one take her joy, and avidly operates from the belief that we can do anything upon which we set our minds, hearts, and spirits.

Polo welcomes you with each conversation and invites you to embrace your own infinite possibility, embody the loving being that you are, and feel the power and the pleasure of being fully present in your own life.

...She invites you to BELIEVE, BE LOVE, BE NOW.


Meet Kristel David

Kristel David is a life and relationship coach dedicated to helping professional athlete's wives have healthy and thriving relationships with themselves and their partners! She takes a wholistic approach by focusing on the woman being her authentic self and honing in on connection, communication and confidence as she finds these are the core elements that make or break relationships.

Kristel is wife to retired NFL Vet & Super Bowl Champ, Jason David, and mama to 5 girls. She believes that a woman's confidence is a result of living HER life unapologetically and free and is on a mission to empower women to return to HER confidence through PLAY!

Kristel supports her clients in experiencing deep intimacy in their relationships and have fun boldly chasing their dreams while keeping HER man and family first without sacrificing HER sanity and self care. She does this through her social media content, HER PLAYbook Podcast and her signature programs HER PLAYBOOK and Cloud 9 Mastermind!


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