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Meet Michele Rosenthal

Michele Rosenthal is a Trauma Recovery Specialist, award-winning trauma and PTSD blogger, award-nominated author of multiple trauma/PTSD recovery books (including Your Life After Trauma and Heal Your PTSD), popular keynote speaker and workshop/seminar leader.

For many years Michele hosted a radio program and podcast series dedicated to interviewing the top experts in the fields of trauma, psychology, neurobiology and recovery. A trauma and PTSD survivor herself, Michele struggled with PTSD for almost 30 years. She affectionately calls her recovery process a “healing rampage.” It worked: Michele achieved 100% recovery. 

Almost fifteen years later she remains symptom-free and dedicates her career to creating customized concierge trauma recovery programs for mid-life professionals who want to double the strength of their mental health in 90 days without overwhelm, wasted time, or endless hours of talk.

Frequently seen in the media in such places as CBS, NBC, The Palm Beach Post, Orlando Sentinel, The Washington Post, Newsday, Psychology Today, Ladies Home Journal and The Dennis Miller Show, Michele is also the founder of Holistic Health Connections, a membership-based organization for the holistic health community. Learn more at MyTraumaCoach.com.

Michele's Free Gift

Welcome to a world where it is entirely possible to feel better after trauma. Using this ~20-minute audio for 30 consecutive days can reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, concentration and sleep, plus reset your mind to an experience of increased control over negative or racing thoughts.

Meet Oana Stoianovici

I have been a coach for the last 17 years and have travelled all over the world impacting the lives of thousands of people across all ages and cultures. I have extensive knowledge in energy work, transformational processes, shamanism, Tao and Tantra and I approach coaching in a holistic way.

For the last 8 years, I have dedicated my experience and expertise to the Divine Feminine Wisdom and facilitated initiations for more than 11,000 women, so far. 

I have lead retreats with more than 1,000 women and had the huge privilege to witness the awakening of our full feminine potential when we embody the ways of The Feminine. This journey is simply magical!

Oana's Free Gift

In this Masterclass you get the first hand occasion to enliven your senses, tap into your erotic sensual-self and access your natural ecstatic potential.

As women, we can feel deep pleasure, joy and confidence when we allow ourselves to explore our femininity and cultivate our sensuality and erotic poetry. The secret lies in your connection with the feminine energy. 

It is my commitment to transform this class into a sensorial experience that will help you tap into the wisdom of your body and feel the huge potential for pleasure we all have!

Meet Amy Waterman

Amy Waterman, M.A., is the host of Your Brilliance. Her dating and relationship advice has been featured in over a dozen ebooks and online courses. She’s been writing for women since 2005, focusing on the way in which the latest scientific research has totally transformed our understanding of love and relationships.

Amy's Free Gift

I’ve got a free chapter of my book that I can’t WAIT to get into your hot well-manicured hands!

It's called "The 3 A’s of Effortless Attraction," and by the time you finish you’ll have a tool to reel in ANY guy you meet…

While owning YOUR pleasure, YOUR power, and YOUR desire.

Meet Jason Elkins

.Ladies Love Coach Jason Elkins is a dating and relationship expert that, through his coaching, supports and empowers women to create the romantic relationships they truly desire. He began his coaching career by mentoring colleagues in the corporate world, and eventually became fascinated with the world of personal development and human potential work.

After an eighteen year relationship ended, he dedicated himself to applying what he's learned to support others that are struggling in their relationships, so they may benefit from the lessons he learned the hard way. As a result of the divorce, he found himself in a brand new world of dating, and noticed that he wasn't alone navigating this new world.

He's currently creating his own exciting relationship vision, and working with others to do the same. Jason brings a diverse set of experiences, and his unique ability to connect, to support his clients, whether they are married, in a long term relationship, or currently single.

Jason offers a variety of one-on-one coaching opportunities that are open to anyone in this community. You can book a free discovery call with Jason to discuss your situation, and how he may be able to support you with one-on-one coaching, through the following link.

Jason's Free Gift

Free 30 minute one-on-one coaching call & invitation to join his FB Group

Meet Traci Philips

As an Executive Leadership & Performance Strategist, Traci Philips supports visionary business owners and corporate executives to learn and practice better communication, resolution strategies, decision-making and leading during times of change and when the stakes are high. She teaches her clients how to create a more cohesive, cooperative experience and environment both at work and at home.

With a masters in Curriculum Development & Instruction and unique strengths in translating both verbal and non-verbal language, Traci can help clients identify and apply effective tools and approaches to zero in on core issues and challenges that are creating an inability to meet desired objectives and outcomes. Her ultimate goal is to support her clients to live authentically and lead powerfully by creating more awareness about who they are, how they want to be seen and where they want to go in life. She has helped many successful professionals learn to confidently and effectively communicate these points, define their Zone of Brilliance and live and lead from their rightful lane. A native of Colorado, Traci now lives in North Carolina with her husband and daughter.

Traci is an active member of the Women Speakers Association. She has appeared on Blog Talk Radio and has been featured in Formidable Woman magazine, Annie Jennings PR podcast show, AuthorExpertWire and various other locally and nationally acclaimed podcast shows. She co-hosts a bi-weekly FB LIVE show called Eavesdrop Conversations where discussions are non-scripted, raw and real, covering everything from current events to personal life experiences. Her first book, Looking In: Discover, Define Align the True Value of Your Life, Leadership Legacy will be coming out later this year.

Traci's Free Gift

These one-hour phone sessions are designed to give you the time to share where you are in your life and where you want to be. The sessions also provide you an opportunity to receive feedback around basic patterns, beliefs and core wounds that I hear in your language/story that point to areas where you may be affected and limited from being able to create what you want in your life. At the conclusion of the session, I send a sum up report with any recommendations, tips, tools, strategies and resources I feel will help you.

Meet Dr. Tommy John

Dr. Tommy John is a performance coach and healer and a leading, unapologetic voice across the globe in the medical freedom movement of today. A former professional athlete and published author with three degrees following his name, Dr. Tommy is both scholar and teacher, patient and healer, private and general. He owns and operates the Dr. Tommy John Performance and Healing Center in San Diego and with over 20 years of clinical experience, he's impacted countless lives with his proven "Way to Live Utilizing the 8 Essentials to Performance and Healing," a system for harnessing action steps to adapt and thrive in this lifetime.

At the core of this work, his patients relearn what it is to be truly sovereign and free within their bodies. For given these liberties, the body self heals, regenerates and holds the power to cure itself from anything, to actualize any vision, dream or desire. But we must be free. 

With body sovereignty at the heart of his life's work, in 2020 Dr, Tommy became a founding member of Health Freedom for Humanity. Here he continues to fight for the inalienable right for all to live free and thrive. It’s time the authenticity of humanity became popular.

“I stand for bodily freedom when it comes to health and medical intervention.”

Meet Amy Morgan

Amy Morgan is a Transformational Empowerment Coach who helps successful women let go of their past and align with their future self so that they can be unstoppable!  Amy uses a holistic approach that allows you to remove the obstacles that are holding you back and cultivate awareness & habit upgrades permanently.

Amy works with 1-1 private clients and group coaching using her unique approach so that you can heal, live fully and transform to achieve all your dreams.

Amy was named Top Female Coach for 2021 by Yahoo!

Amy's Free Gift

15 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get Unstuck, A Free Discovery Call and Invites you to join her FB Group!

Schedule Your Free Discovery Call here!

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